graduated from D3 interior design at the petra university, surabaya

graduated from S1 degree in architecture tarumanagara university, jakarta

work in willis kusuma architects as a project designer

2008-until now
associate with han darmawan architects

2007-until now
established own practice edha architects

There’s no “PERFECT” word in design, there’s no even “RIGHT” and “WRONG”, nor “GOOD” and “BAD”. Design is not something based only by theory, form, or what the trends are. An architect, as one who does design, always thinks about the quality of the design itself. Where qualities are created when the design is contextual and well utilized as the way it should be. Not only in forms, styles, and materials, but also ‘speaks’ about proportions, details, arts, and last but not least, technologies. 

Architecture itself is born by a process and intensive dialogue between the owner, the architect himself, the contractors, the users and also other specialists, who work side by side to define and create an architectural concept, good solutions, functional, and well-integrated.